Commercial Real Estate
We create stunning virtual tours to help showcase the true potential and value of your property.

In this demanding and competitive market, it is critical to maximise your exposure when selling or leasing any Commercial Real Estate Property. With the average human attention span only 8 seconds, it’s imperative to capture a prospect’s attention immediately.

At Dronetrics, we produce captivating and immersive virtual tours to help capture interest and allow online prospects the opportunity to take a guided 360° tour of your building without setting appointments or costly travel expenses. Business owners and investors looking to purchase Commercial Real Estate will be impressed by professional, high quality output that helps your Commercial Real Estate property stand out from the rest.

In addition to drastically increasing interest in your commercial Real Estate Property, a Commercial Real Estate Virtual Tour will also simplify your sales efforts. Because your building or office space is available to be viewed online 24/7, you can spend your efforts working with your most serious clients that are showing further interest. Our Commercial Real Estate Virtual Tours are an extremely powerful marketing tool that will assist you in closing big commercial real estate deals.

Benefits of using Dronetrics for

Commercial Real Estate

Showcase Your Property
You can showcase the key selling points of the property, point out the client's needs, and provide a lot of information about the property. The more transparent you can be about the property, the better the odds are for clients to feel confident and want to buy/lease the property faster.
Builds Emotional Connections
You can get prospective buyers’ attention with immersive virtual tours, that keep them on your site longer, and give them the feeling of being at your property with the technology’s full-colour 360-degree panoramas.
Extended Reach
A business owner looking to lease a new office property in another city (or even country) would need to inspect the property to determine if the space is the best fit for the company's needs. Virtual reality tours help showcase your property to long-distance clients. This means you can work with more clients and process more inquiries much more effectively.
Competitive Differentiator
Real estate agents need to be constantly innovating and moving forward. An effective way of achieving this goal is to harness the power and impact of new technology tools such as virtual tours. This can drive your business forward and help push you ahead of your competitors.
Saves Money
Virtual tours are a highly effective marketing tool that can help you filter the property’s visitors. Those who contact you to request further information are likely already interested in visiting the property, and making an offer.
Instant Sense of Ownerhip
Virtual tours can help you convert more website hits into real buyers, and turn more visits to your site into genuine purchases. In this hectic society where time means money, virtual tours are an effective solution.  

Our Pricing is simple


Generally suitable for small retail spaces
Up to 10 panoramic photos
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Suitable for medium-sized properties
Up to 15 panoramic photos
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Ideal for large properties
Up to 20 panoramic photos
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Extra Large

For very large properties
£175 per 10 extra 360 scenes
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