Residential Real Estate
We create stunning virtual tours to help showcase the true potential and value of your property.

The housing market is extremely competitive with the internet being the number one source of incoming enquiries. Dronetrics will help you stand out from your competitors by offering a completely new approach for marketing your property.

Most agents agree that property portals and online marketing are responsible for at least 65% of new business. By using Dronetrics, we will make your agency stand out from the rest and increase the level of your instructions by offering them the opportunity and see each from every angle.

Recent studies have shown that agent leads have increased by 97% by offering fully immersive 360 virtual tours. The days of using videos tours are over. Let your customers be fully in control of their experience.

Benefits of using Dronetrics for

Residential Real Estate

Saves time
This is probably the biggest benefit – virtual reality solutions save time for sellers, estate agents and buyers. Thanks to VR, there’s no need to travel from one property to another and sit in traffic jams. Instead, buyers can easily enjoy immersive three-dimensional tours from the comfort of their sofa.
Builds Emotional Connections
The full immersiveness of virtual house tours creates an emotional connection and engages buyers a lot more efficiently than conventional 2D images, which may look quite a bit different from how a property looks in person.
Extended Reach
Virtual reality tours help showcase your property(ies) to long-distance buyers. This means you can work with more clients and process more inquiries to ultimately find the right buyer for the property at the best price.
Competitive Differentiator
The real estate market is extremely competitive. So many people and properties are vying for the buyer's attention - virtual reality tours help you stand out from the crowd and really showcase your property.
Saves Money
Developing feature-rich virtual tours may seem expensive, but think of the investment in traditional real estate marketing. Arranging visits, showing properties, online marketing, hard copy marketing – all of this is extremely expensive.
Instant Sense of Ownerhip
Nudging buyers toward making a purchase or signing a rental agreement is the most challenging task. And that’s when VR tours come in handy: they allow buyers to virtually visit properties when they want and for as long as they want. This establishes a sense of personal connection and ownership.

Our Pricing is simple


Generally suitable for flats and apartments
2-4 rooms or spaces covered
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Suitable for medium-sized properties
5-9 rooms or spaces covered
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Ideal for large properties
10-15 rooms or spaces covered
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Extra Large

For very large properties
16+ rooms or spaces covered
£125 per 10 extra 360 scenes
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