360° content is the perfect way to capture your special day and to create a truly immersive experience that can shared and re-lived.

360° content creation and virtual reality is a new and exciting form of media. Dronetrics has a passion and a drive to utilise the latest technology to create and preserve immersive memories. Being able to relive memories as if you were actually transported back to that special moment has to be seen to be believed.

360° Weddings

Your wedding day is a special, once in a lifetime event, so why not capture the memories in a very special way as well?

360° video and photography enables you to experience the closest thing to actually re-living your wedding day. You'll be able to relax and enjoy your day, knowing that as it flies by, you'll be able to re-live it and see something new each time in 360°.

  • Your memories will be captured with 360° HDR photos and UHD video
  • Every engagement is bespoke. We work with you to tailor our services specifically for your needs
  • We select the ideal location to place our camera and then manage it remotely, so as not to intrude on you and your guests
  • We can live stream the event for those guests unfortunate not to be able to attend (or if space is limited for guests)
  • You don't need specialised equipment to view the content, a smartphone or PC would work...but viewed through a VR headset does create the best experience if possible.

Prices start from just £199

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