Drone Roof Inspection
We utilise the latest drone technology to offer accuracy, safety, and speed for roof inspections.

Traditional roof inspections and surveys are quite risky - from collapsing roofs and insect bites to falling off ladders and defective scaffolding equipment. This can happen due to malfunction or faulty equipment; incorrect assembly or working practices; or simply human fatigue.

By replacing traditional methods with new, digital solutions, Dronetrics make roof inspections and surveys faster, safer and much more efficient. We are still able to capture the same information but at a higher accuracy and higher quality....we would actually argue we are able to capture even more information due to the number of angles and perspectives we can utilise.

Dronetrics’ drones provide our clients with a cost-effective, high quality solution for roof inspections and surveys. They are equipped with high definition cameras which can capture images of roof defects, allowing us to prepare bespoke reporting.

6 Benefits of using Dronetrics for

Roof Inspections

Health and Safety
Using drones eliminates most of the risks associated with conventional roof inspection methods. Complex designs, great heights, deteriorated roofs, and structures as well as hard to access areas can pose serious risks to the workers, occupants of the building and those people around it. Collecting the data without putting peoples' lives at risk is a clear reason why you should use drones to inspect a wide range of properties.
Detailed Analysis
There will always be a need for human expertise but a drone-based roof inspection is faster, more efficient and accurate. Also, by accessing the difficult to reach and tight spaces, the drones can simply capture more information that an inspector would not have managed using the conventional means. The end result is a much more thorough and detailed analysis.
A lot of preparation goes into planning and executing a traditional roof inspection. It, therefore, takes a significant amount of time to plan and complete one inspection. With drone technology it requires significantly less planning to carry out an inspection once a client makes the request. Furthermore, the time need to perform the inspection is a fraction of the time it would take using the conventional methods.
Reduce Insurance Costs
Due to the risks associated with traditional roof inspections, the workers, equipment and structure are insured against accidents and damages. Add the number of workers required for a traditional inspection and the amount of equipment need and insurance premiums quickly start escalating. By utilising Dronetrics you can drastically cut these costs and have a positive impact on revenue.
Saves Money
Using Dronetrics to perform your roof inspections can help in reducing the inspection costs significantly. There is no need to acquire and transport costly scaffolding, lifts, ladders and other climbing equipment. In addition, it does not require as many people, hence cutting down on the equipment and labour costs.
Tailored Engaement
Dronetrics will always work with you and tailor our engagement to meet your specific needs. This means we can minimise time on site and drastically reduce operational downtime.

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Suitable for residential properties
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Suitable for medium-sized properties
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Ideal for large properties
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Extra Large

For very large or complex properties
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